Part One of “Journey of the Songhai People”, follows a group of African American young adults and their families to “The Cradle of Civilization”. These young adults, their families and sponsors on this unique experience into the culture, ethos and history of Egypt touring the Great Pyramids, Her Em Ahket (Sphinx), Sakarra and the Cairo Museum, visit a Nubian village in Egypt, be mesmerized by and immersed in the history of Luxor, Abu Simbel, and Karnak.

Part Two features the life-changing and emotional tour of the Gold Coast’s “Stone of Tears” trail on Ghana’s western coast, including an unforgettable tour of the slave castles where 60 people were squeezed into a dark room for 30 minutes, retracing the plight of their forefathers who were herded into the same dungeon hundreds of years ago.
The production is full of emotion, spiritual renewal, transformation that will bring viewers to tears and change not only how they view their own lives, but the lives of their fellow Americans of African descent.

Share in the experiences and reactions of our African Genesis travelers as they articulate what they were thinking, feeling and going through and how the experience impacted them.

For more information about "African Genesis - Journey of the Songhai People", please contact Bob Lott.

Title and Concept inspired by Ancestor,
Dr. Edward Robinson (1918 to 2012).